A favorite spot

The streets are sloppy, the ice is melting, roofs are caving in from the weight of so much snow. What I’m missing now are the evening neighborhood walks I take when the weather is beautiful. A few years ago, I took a different direction and headed down to a little neighborhood that sits high above the bike path and Narragansett Bay. Most times I remembered to bring my camera, hoping to snap a spectacular sunset. But nine times out of ten, the sun went down across the bay without any fanfare, just skipped away without looking back.

One day, late last fall when most of the trees had given up all their leaves, I headed down the street and to the bay again. I was hoping to get to my favorite spot before the sun took its leave. In fall, it gets its business done a whole lot faster than in summer.

This photo gives you an idea of how beatiful the sky was that evening. What you can’t see in the photo is the quiet that surrounded me, except for the sound of a few runners smacking the pavement on the bike path below.


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