Week 11: Starting over

I’ve been off the spin bike for two weeks, so it was difficult this morning.My thanks to Cheryl for keeping me honest. She has had amazing results so far. My theory is that my flab had to turn to muscle first — and muscle weighs more. However, Cheryl already had the muscle so she could go straight to work. It’s logic that works for me … for now. Here’s the only memorable “song” that we ended our session on today. Do you remember it?

Remember, do one thing every day that scares you …

Okay, I haven’t done anything scary yet. So here goes: I loved Lawrence Welk as a kid. We’d take our baths and then settle down in front of the TV and then dance around the room when the champagne bubbles started popping. Here’s my ode to polkas and my desire to be a Lennon sister. : )

Champagne Dancer, 1965

After Saturday night baths,
the girl donned a flannel nightgown,
knee-high socks and slippers

to ward off winter drafts sifting
across living room linoleum.
She sat in front of a console TV

with little brothers and sister
awaiting the first popping bubbles
of The Lawrence Welk Show.

Mr. Welk flicked his baton to release
sparkling champagne music.

On cue the  troupe popped up,
polkaed round the room, giggled into
sofa, rocking chair and coffee table.

Later, the girl ascended to a bedroom
filled with two beds, three sisters
and a hundred unshared dreams.

She fell asleep to a one-two-three beat
of blizzard circling empty fields,
rata-tat-tat-tling window panes.

The wind drummed its cadence
until she opened an eye to see
the conductor tapping his baton.

Then she stepped to center stage,
whirled on a champagne dance floor
while snow buried the world below.

Embassy International Contest finalist, 2008


10 thoughts on “Week 11: Starting over

  1. lovely..

    do link in your poems, only if you share, you get more comments from fellow participants and enjoy more encouragement,

    hope to see you in.

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Never thought about it as sharing a bed. There were seven kids, two parents, four bedrooms and one bathroom. And that’s the way it was — we learned to make do very early on.

  2. oh this takes us back…
    We were in front of our TV too , fire crackles in the background, We loved the whole show, and even learned to Polka !
    Thank’s for the fond memories !
    Happy Rally

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