Weekly photo challenge: Wildlife


Looff Carousel horses in Riverside.

I visited the Crescent Park Carousel today. They’ve really done a nice job on the park that overlooks the bay, and there were lots of families there waiting to get rides on the carousel. Since I’m not much of a wildlife photographer (this week’s photo topic), I thought photos of the carousel horses would suffice.

I’m not an expert on the carousel, but I do know that there used to be an amusement park there, which was well-known across New England. The only thing left now is the Looff Carousel, which I saw today was built in 1895. In recent years, a group of residents raised funds to bring this beauty back to life. The horses are all elegantly repainted, and you can still try to catch the brass rings and toss them into the clown’s mouth as you swirl around. And if you get a gold ring, you get a free ride. It was great to remember all the times we took Mallory and Emily there for rides and Del’s lemonade. Still a great place to bring your kids!

Grabbing for the brass rings from carousel horses.

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