3 more poem finds homes!

Dear Julia:

Thank you for submitting your work to The Midwest Writing Center’s Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest.  We are pleased to announce that our preliminary judges have chosen the top 25 poems in each of our two categories (national and regional) for publication in the 2011 edition of Off Channel.

We are also very pleased to inform you that your poems “Here right here is where” and “Learning How to Paint Light” have been selected as part of the qualifying group of national finalists.

From these 25 poems in each category (your work included), our final judges will soon select the winners, who will be notified by July 15, 2011.

Please inform us immediately upon receipt of this letter if you need to withdraw your work from consideration / publication due to acceptance elsewhere.

Visit our website, www.midwestwritingcenter.org, periodically for contest updates or to order copies of Off Channel.

Best wishes,

Kristin Abraham
Coordinator, Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest
Midwest Writing Center
225 E. Second Street, Suite 303
Davenport, IA  52801


Dear Julia,

We are delighted to accept your poem “Sleepless on Manning Drive” for publication in Naugatuck River Review’s Summer 2011 issue. Thank you so much for submitting!

All the Best,

Lori Desrosiers
Naugatuck River Review

I haven’t been writing much poetry lately, so these latest acceptances are poking me in the side to get back to work. Glad to hear these three found homes. There are a few others that I need to brush off and get back out circulating too. I’ll post these as soon as I hear about their fate in July.

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