Great Song Friday: “Anything You Want”

Roy Orbison

I was in Borders last night and people were doing slam poems and singing in the coffee area. A young teen-age kid sang and played “Anything You Want” on guitar, and I was blown away. Especially when his voice broke or he went a little off key. I love this song. And I love it especially when it’s not perfect, because the feeling and the words are already so amazing. And I loved it that a young guy would want to learn it and sing a song created by the one and only Roy Orbison. Enjoy!

From Songfacts: “You Got It” was written by Roy Orbison and was the chart-leading single from his 1988 comeback album Mystery Girl. Tragically, he died of a heart attack in December of 1988, before he could see just how successful his comeback was.
The most remarkable thing demonstrated by “You Got It” is that Roy Orbison’s signature style not only wasn’t out of date for the 1980s, but actually fit right in. While you can hear the updated musical conventions in the instrumentals and handclaps, Orbison’s trembling, vulnerable voice and poetic lyrics remained faithful to his 1950s style, and also managed to be as fresh as any teen pop idol of the 1980s.”


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