Found in South County

Giant lily pads
While driving around Rhode Island’s South County last weekend, we found this amazing coastal pond with gigantic lily pads. It came with gigantic blooms that were also opening. Nice surprise!


3 thoughts on “Found in South County

  1. Julia, I also stumbled upon these lily pads during my travels in South County this weekend. Do you know anything about them? Are they naturally occuring or perhaps did someone plant them? There were many professional-looking photographers there, and your pictures are marvelous I must say. I wonder what the name of these gigantic flowers are called. The pictures just do not do justice!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I admit that I am beyond my 5-mile radius in South County (I live in East Bay territory), so I don’t know anything about these incredible lily pads. But they were right out of The Land of the Giants, right?! So the size of the flower buds, yes, couldn’t get your two hands around them, I’m sure.

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