Weekly photo challenge: Mountains

Family vacation to the Black Hills circa 1967


Well, my selection has hills. Black Hills, that is. I’ve been to the mountains — the Rockies. But no photos, at least not downloaded into my computer.

This photo was taken back in the day. I had some of my dad’s slides scanned and digitized. I need to get some more done when I go home — which I’m doing later today! I won’t get into Omaha until 10:30 tonight, and then I need to drive another three hours to get home. Dad said I’d better check to see if the Interstate is still closed due to flooding of the Missouri River. In fact, I should do that now.

So long. (Oh, I’m the one in the groovy head scarf that I made for a Girl Scout badge. It was a Sunday morning, so we were all in our church clothes … and grumpy.)


2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Mountains

  1. Funny. I just realized this photo is flipped. Check out Mount Rushmore! I sent my dad’s slides to ScanCafe and it looks like they inadvertently flipped the photos during the scanning process! Spent a lot of money for backwards photos!


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