Off Channel coming out soon

Congratulations to the Winners of the Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest

The winning poems/poets are as follows:


First Place: “He Thought the Periodic Table Was a Portrait of God.” Joan Wiese Johannes.

Second: “Girls, Uninterrupted.” Juliet Kerico.

Third:“Letter to My Father Written in a Bar in Mitchell, South Dakota.” Austin Smith.


First Place: “Rock Island, Illinois.” Judith Valente.

Second: “How to Move Away.” Alessandra Simmons.

Third: “How to Face It.” Deborah DeNicola.

Honorable Mention

“Around Every Corner.” David Pink.

“St. Patrick’s Day – 2011” Aaron Holst.

“Here      right here is     where.” Julia Meylor-Simpson.

These poems and more will be featured in the MWC’s 2011 edition of Off Channel, coming soon!


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