MONTH 9: Why I keep spinning

I can’t believe Cheryl and I are beginning MONTH NINE of 6 a.m. spin class three times a week. I admit that vacations and work-related trips messed with the schedule in August, and September isn’t looking much better. But this SPIN class is still my best attempt at maintaining a regular exercise routine.

Besides that, I think I’m hooked. Here are FIVE reasons:

1.  I’ve never sweat more (that’s a reason?) — except at basketball practice when I was a freshman in high school and when I detasseled corn for a few weeks one summer.

2.  I’ve never felt stronger — except when I tried to separate two teen-age girls who were gouging their manicured nails into each other’s arms during study hall.

3.  I’ve never listened to so many genres of music in 45 minutes — except, well, never! They play EVERYTHING in spin class.

Even Neil Young. Yesterday it was “Like a Hurricane,” how appropriate after Irene.

4.  I’ve never seen such an age range of spinners — from teens to 70 year olds. And they all spin at their own speeds. (The seniors are faster than the young uns.)

5.  And, last but not least, I’ve never exercised in the dark — and maybe that’s the best thing about spin. I don’t have to worry about anyone watching me or doing it wrong. It just doesn’t matter because the spin instructor yells at everyone!

Actually, there’s a sixth reason — a pretty important one.

6. Cheryl

Cheryl and I began spinning as a way to get ready for our daughters’ weddings — Mallory’s in July and Kerri’s in October. So, this is a shout-out to Cheryl, who is more determined, better at spinning and a real trooper. I couldn’t ask for a more consistent exercise partner. She even gets up for an early morning Saturday spin class all the way in Rehoboth (which, I’m sorry, I just can’t do)!

Thank you, Cheryl, for signing up for my health club (in addition to yours) and for turning on that light every morning five mornings a week for the last eight months (more or less).  Our signal, that we’re up and ready to go.

See you on Monday!


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