Weekly photo challenge: Faces

Unforgettable faces belong to Mallory and Emily about 20 years ago

So they will kill me, I suppose. For posting this.

It is one of my favorite photos because I can remember the day so clearly, where the photo was taken, the pumpkins we collected in the field, the sun and the touch of winter in the air.

And how I loved Mallory’s sweater and her hair was probably the longest it would ever be. How Em ran away giggling and Mallory grabbed her.

Em’s turquoise Oshkosh overalls, those pearly chipmunk teeth.

They have no time for these little traditions anymore. But I still go and collect the pumpkins at this time of year.

Someday, when they have children of their own, I know they will remember these moments, too.

This weekend I will be in Iowa helping with my dad’s house sale. The auctioneer will sell off boxes of “stuff” from my parents’ life.

I will try to cram a few things from my past  in my luggage.

Another page turned.

And so it goes.


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