Weekly photo challenge: Windows

Portion of one of the amazing windows in Holy Name Catholic Church in Marcus, Iowa.

What Bored Catholic Kids Do at Mass

Make faces at the babies in the pews in front of them.
Stare at the statues in the hope that Mary or Jesus will wink at them.
Pinch their fingers in the doohinkies that hold the Mass books
Peel sweaty knees off kneelers in summer.
Watch their fathers to see if they fall asleep during the sermon.
Listen to the grumbling of their empty stomachs.
Worry that the communion host will adhere to the roofs of their mouths.
Smell bacon and wonder who ate breakfast before Mass.
Hope the shattered colors of stained glass windows will fall on them this time.

11 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Windows”

  1. Oh my gosh, my son did all those and more…. He’s better now. It took us 2 years of being confined to the crying room every Sunday. Whew, finally we get to sit with the big boys and girls… Beautiful photo ! Have a great day.


  2. I did most of these things during Mass when I was little, but I stared at the wood carvings, statues and stained glass windows because I thought they were beautiful. Wonderfully funny post!


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