Peddling through the year: Beginning month 12

November was a tough month for me. I had to skip spin several mornings due to some minor surgery, BUT now I am ready to finish this year of spinning! (And then to continue on — best exercise I’ve ever found.) However, Cheryl and I picked up some heated yoga classes through Groupon, so I guess we’ll be trying that sometime before the coupon expires.

A song that spurred me on the most this morning and provided a great blast from the oh-so-fading-fast past was “Eli’s Coming” by the quintessential 70s band, Three Dog Night. How can you not love them? 3DN was my first real concert in the wild town of Sioux City, Iowa. 3DN was also my first rock album (I’ll have to check out which one it was and add that here.)

Came out in 1974 ...

Great music to blare on the car’s 8-track! 🙂

Hope this link works! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Peddling through the year: Beginning month 12

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. Wow, Three Dog Night… “Momma told me not to come…” and “joy to the world” are a couple of other favorites. We played some of their songs as part of the pep band for basketball games back in the day at Marcus. Along with songs from Chicago and other great 70s bands. 🙂 Always makes me smile thinking about those days… I hope you holidays are awesome!! Take care… Bruce

    1. “Eli’s Coming” might be oddly appropiate to the season too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Actually, I think that 3DN 8-track bit the dust because it was played so much!

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