10 reasons I find time to read

Mallory reads to Emily some 20 years ago.

1. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read.

2. I go to places I’ve never been.

3. I enter lives I’ve never lived.

4. I live in times long gone and only dreamed.

5. I escape without moving an inch.

6. I’m at home between the pages.

7. I understand what I never could.

8. I question what I thought I knew.

9. I accept more differences.

10. I realize we’re all the same.


11. Words.

3 thoughts on “10 reasons I find time to read

  1. I connect with number seven (which is listed as no.6?). I recently had several truths come to me that I knew along but ignored for years as I thought it was madness. I trust my feelings and I believe that our feelings never lie as it is there that if we listen we find our truths. Namaste


  2. Thanks! I corrected the list numbers — words, yes, numbers, no. I trust my gut much more these days too. Today is World Library Day, so I’m celebrating all the free books I’ve read over the years because of free libraries!!


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