Weekly photo challenge: Unusual

Painting on our barn door while I was growing up.

Most people’s farms did not have paintings on their barn doors when I was growing up. It’s probably more common now. This was what it looked like back then.
The barn is gone now. My Nov. 27, 2010 post shows what it looked like right before the barn was torn down. My dad also painted tractor seats, and they were hung on the tool shed. Those tractor seats were also attached to some other farm implement part and turned into patio chairs, along with a large wrought iron circle that became a table. He painted our mail box and attached a plow to it.
I took this all for granted back then. Oh, I knew he loved art, I just didn’t think about it much. Last year when I was home, he told me that he’d wanted to take a graphic arts course after returning from WWII. But he knew he was needed on the farm — and then, soon after I’m sure, he met my mom at a dance in Granville. She was still a senior in high school, and he just wasn’t as itchy to move away. And so, over the years, his art and projects took over our farm. And my memories.

Nov. 27, 2010


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unusual

  1. I’ll always remember this door, but more so I remember your father who was one of the kindest people I’ve known. Strange how our plans are changed by circumstances. Yet somehow they work out even better than what we hoped for. Of course, I wish the door had been taken down and preserved in a folk art museum. Perhaps memories are better.

  2. I remember when Dad first painted this door. He made the paper and a lot of people drove by to take a look,

    I always thought he was an artist too. Always had some type of project in the works. I remember the huge Santa he hand drew and painted that was out on the front porch.

  3. I still have a copy of the Parade Magazine article. When we had to make posters for school he always had some ideas that would help to make it look better.

  4. I like the photo and barn door construction and of course the painting!! That was a very popular shade of blue commonly used on porch ceilings to attract bugs away from people.

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