Still spinning at 45 rpms

What did this thingy do?

Nobody asked, but I am still spinning several mornings a week. Still love it. Still think it’s the best exercise for me. Basically, because I’m still doing it.

In recent weeks I’ve added a weekly heated Yoga class to the mix. Yoga is much harder than I expected. The movements remind me of positions I used to wiggle into as a child, like standing on my head and sitting with my legs bent at odd angles to my body.

Now that it’s nice out, I hope to add more variety by adding walking, running and bicycling into the mix. I sit all day at work, so it’s really important that I get up and move (like a crazy woman) sometime during the day.

Enough of that.

I’m more interested in those 45 rpm records.

Remember them?

Remember stacking a pile on a record player and letting them drop down one by one on the turntable?

What was on your stack?

A few years ago, my sister mailed me a stack of 45s. They had “Meylor” written on them, and they included some of the first purchases I ever made with my own money (beyond candy and bubblegum).

I hung some of them on my computer room wall. They include: “Brandy” by Looking Glass, “Take It Easy” by the Eagles, “Hold Your Head Up” by Argent, “Betcha by Golly, Wow” by the Stylists, “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens, “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago, “Diary” by Bread and “Too Late to Turn Back Now” by the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose.

Memorable, and not so memorable, songs relegated to today’s classic rock radio stations, but each one can take me back to a person, place and time.

At 45 revolutions per minute.

2 thoughts on “Still spinning at 45 rpms

  1. You make me nostalgic! We had a wonderful collection (including all the songs in your list!) that we gave away when we moved to the city! Wish we hadn’t 😦


  2. When traveling home on a business trip recently I saw a passenger who was wearing one of these as a pendant! When we were de-planing I saw it and said, “Nice pendant!” He laughed and said not everyone recognizes it. No surprise there! Definitely brings back memories – thanks!


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