20,000 visits

I know I am going to hit 20,000 visits to Between Land and Sky this weekend. I don’t know if I can figure out who will be my 20,000th visitor, but I would love to send you a homemade gift — wherever you live — so let me know you visited this weekend, and I’ll pick an honored guest to send my humble gift to. Thank you in advance!

10 thoughts on “20,000 visits

  1. Congrats on 20,000 Julia! It’s always great to read Between Land and Sky. Whether entertaining or serious, your stories, poems, pictures, etc. always get me thinking and remembering. Keep on blogging!

    Sandy Henke

    1. Hi Madhu,

      Your post came closest to the time I hit 20,000. If you would send your address to jmsimpson@cox.net, I will send you my thank-you gift. Thanks for your encouraging and positive posts.


  2. Julia…You deserve much more than 20,000 visitors. Your words fill my heart and delight my mouth when I speak them.
    Joyful blessings, Dorothea

  3. 20,000 just a beginning – your creativity will be circling the universe before you know it… just imagine the possibilities

    David in Maine USA

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