Weekly photo challenge: Today


Come here

I listen to birds call outside,

a few cars gun their motors on the trail.

Inside, the muse is silent.

I have not walked enough, not paused enough,

not held my tongue.

For too many hours of the day, I have pushed words onto paper,

forced them to step up to the plate,

toe the line, shape up.

Instead of letting them circle round,

sit still, lift off, rise.

I stand in the shadows, watch a curtain lift and let go.

A child calls to a friend across the street,

“Come here! Now. I need you!”

18 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Today”

  1. Beautiful poem. Sometimes, as I am learning, simply being in the moment is enough. The photo, of course is a dream come to life. The kind of photo I wish I could say I took but never will–at least here in SoCal where so many homes are air-conditioned and thus the windows are never opened. And if they were, there would be no thin curtains to blow up. Just slat, plastic blinds.


    1. I covet central air in August, but I love open windows, especially in the early morning when the birds are just waking up. Thanks for sharing that.


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