A poem about hair styles

As you can see, a haircut of chopped hay is no exaggeration. The glasses hampered any concept of style, too.

Hair: Seven Styles


At five, she gets a pixie cut

just like the photo in McCall’s.

Looks like hay whacked

by a scythe in July.


Almost thirteen, she won’t go

to Bonnie’s Beauty Parlor.

Wants hair down her back

like Janis Joplin.


At twenty-two, she blow dries,

coaxes curls, brushes, sprays.

Tucks baby’s breath behind an ear

on her wedding day.


At thirty-ish, a glamour photo

for a sleep-deprived new mom:

bare shoulders, up-do.

Leaking breasts cropped.


The big 4-0: foil packets

of honey, ash, lemon

camouflage a head filled with

demands, details, demons.


She wields a scissors

in bathroom: pixie cut redux.

Runs hands through short mop.

Simplify, they said. She did.

P.S.:  2012

Back to long layers,

monthly color, electric rollers,

hairspray. Ah, frailty,

you still know my name.

11 thoughts on “A poem about hair styles

  1. Nice! At watermelon days were were going through old photos…yikes on the hair from our younger years! A number of laughs and a number of photos stolens so they are never to be seen again! 🙂 Hope you had a great 4th! When are you headed back this way again? Hope all is well. By the way…I had that haircut as well.


    • Too funny! You girls all went through the BIG HAIR days of the early 90s! I’m sure I have plenty more photos — so you can’t hide from your hair! 🙂 Planning for Adam’s wedding. Not sure before that. How about you? Cute photos from Watermelon Days! Glad you were all home for that.


  2. Our hair does tell stories! 🙂 I do understand. I have posted one poem about my hair and have another one for … ?
    What I really wished for was that my hair be an invisibility cloak. Well done!


    • Thanks! Hair must strike a cord for all women! More responses to this than anything I’ve written. The first time I read this to a group of women, there was quite the discussion, too! Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. I will have to check out your poem!


  3. You took me down memory lane. Only here in India it was a looong braid that was fashionable upto the 70s. then it was that awful BIG hair. I tried the pixie too, though with all the frizz it could hardly be termed that! Thanks for making me smile 🙂


    • Thanks, Madhu. Actually, I’ve had the really long hair too, and braids, but most often, put it was in two braids. I always wanted curly hair — of course, because mine was stick straight!


  4. Enjoyed your poem. I thought you looked cute with the pixie cut. A least it looked better than my haircut at about the fifth grade. It was just short, not a pixie cut. Not a good look for me. When I got my first perm in third grade, I could hear Randy Hoyt whisper from the fourth grade side of the room, “Look at Meylor’s hair!”. Now a blow dryer, and hair products that are supposed to add volume are my only tools to an acceptable, to me anyway, hairstyle.


  5. Actually, I think I feel more guilty about my daughters’ hair styles growing up because I cut their hair and should have known better. 🙂


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