Weekly photo challenge: Movement

The Angel Oak Tree outside of Charleston, South Carolina

A photo doesn’t do this tree justice. Its limbs crawl along the ground, are held in place by poles and ropes, wrap around themselves like giant fingers. It is the original tree of life. Its movement and growth is marked by centuries, wars, hurricanes, earthquakes and, most recently, a court fight against the building of apartments nearby. I think the oak tree won for now.

They call the Angel Oak the oldest living organism east of the Mississippi River. The poster nailed up to the back wall of the one-room tourist shop noted that experts estimate the tree to be 300 to 400 years old; it stands 65 feet tall, measures 28 ft in circumference and shades an area of 17,000 square feet. Its longest limb, which rests on the ground, is 105 feet in length.

Since I’m not a numbers person, these measurements don’t mean all that much to me. What I do know is that I was honored to meet this beautiful and grand old lady.


10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Movement

  1. So glad to meet another great-tree lover! It’s a fabulous tree and it would be impossible to photograph it as it deserves. (I’m sticking with the neutral pronoun, you’ll notice! While I firmly believe all living things should be considered ‘animate’ – I’m not so sure I’d like to constrain them to human scaled he’s or she’s!)


  2. The Angel Oak is a majestic sight! We visit there all the time we make it to Seabrook Island! There is not a photo that can capture the reach of the branches and how big the tree really is….definitely something to see (many times!)


  3. I have never seen a redwood tree, and I can only imagine that they are breathtaking. But instead of shooting straight up, this amazing oak has been shaped by its surroundings. And I’m sorry, but he/she did take on human characteristics. I almost wanted to know where the aches and pains were because it was like seeing another form of Elephant Man, who won’t give up … “I – am – a – tree!”


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