Thank you, stranger!

A beautiful wall found in Provincetown

One person, just one, bumped my stats over 50 yesterday by reading, or at least viewing, 50-some posts. If this anonymous person hadn’t visited, I would have had three hits yesterday. Three.

Now that’s all well and good, very good, in fact. My visitor must have had a lot of time on her/his hands to check out so many posts. Maybe he/she had Friday off? Maybe he/she called in sick?

Again, I guess I should be thankful. But after doing this for so long, it feels sort of odd to have one person visit all those rooms in my blog house, and not even leave a note. The visitor ate all my words and smelled my photos, and didn’t even comment.

And so it goes.

What I’ve found is that complete strangers are more apt to comment on my posts than my family members and friends. So often people tell me they’ve read my blog, but they can’t take a second to let me know when they’ve been here. It’s like sneaking in during the middle of the night while I’m snoring away.


I’d love to get more feedback on my posts and photos, so I’ll ask politely: If you visit, please let me know. Did I say please?

Thank you!


11 thoughts on “Thank you, stranger!

  1. That is certainly strange behaviour. Then there is the other kind that leave a comment with a link to their latest post with nary a word – good or bad – about the post they have just read!!
    How did you figure it was the same person, did he/she like the posts?

    1. When I looked at my stats I could see that I only had four visitors all day. Four visited the most recent post and then one person hit 50 other posts on my site, so it was probably a Facebook friend who had never been to my blog. It was just odd to realize that one person had read almost every post from the past year but didn’t comment or hit like at all. And that’s not a big deal, I just want blog readers to realize that we can “see” that they’ve visited, so they might as well offer up some kind of response if they’re going to go to the trouble of reading 50 posts. Oh well, moving on…

  2. I’ll admit that I don’t always leave a reply after I read your posts. I’ll try to do better. I always enjoy what you add to your blog especially the poems that take me back to our childhood.

    1. It’s the Catholic in you that feels guilt — and for no reason! You have offered more comments than anyone, big sister! 🙂

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