Weekly photo challenge: Near and far

The north end of Block Island tapers to a point, named Sandy Point, and is known for its dangerous, churning waters. I walked out there with a friend one day this summer. The weather was warm and unsettled, so I got this great photo of the water and stormy clouds in the distance and clear detail of the sandy, rocky shoreline under our feet. As soon as I saw the topic, I knew I had a photo that spoke to it. Have a good week!




15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Near and far

  1. Three borders
    this rocky, green,
    sandy, wet,
    muddy, roaring,
    Beautiful, surging,
    placid, rolling,
    frightful space.
    Incense of salt,
    marsh gas,
    fish and feather.
    Here my soul
    in its
    native tongue

    1. Hey Russ! Long time, no poem writing. I love this, especially the line about incense of salt, seaweed. Hope to write with you again someday!

  2. Great photo. The ocean has been calling me lately, Telling me it’s time for a visit. Time to leave the ocean of prairie grass and go listen to the crash of waves and smell the sea. One of these days….

      1. I think next year will be the year we can finally take the Pacific Highway drive we’ve been wanting to do. We finally have the car for it. We just bought a Camry hybrid.

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