Thank you, Dad

On a trip to California
On a trip to California

My father died on January 3.

His passing caught me by surprise, even though I knew in my gut that he was heading away from us.

At the viewing, my brother Ken told us that he had a dream about my father just a day before he died. In the dream he was sitting in a bar with my dad having a drink. My mother walked in and told my dad he was late and to get home. Then she walked out. That was the dream.

I guess he did as he was told.

I will add more stories in the future. We almost lost him some 57 years ago — so all the days since then have been a gift.

Gerald J. Meylor

1926 – 2013


8 thoughts on “Thank you, Dad

  1. There is nothing easy about the loss, but the laughs, good times, memories will never, ever fade. We still often speak of my mother and it’s a heartening, warming thing as if she’s in the other room. Time will heal the pain but the memories endure and bolster.


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