Weekly photo challenge: Unique

A soldered piece created by my dad from farm implements.

A soldered piece created by my dad from farm implements.


This is one of the pieces of my dad’s work that was sold on his sale a year ago. Now that he is gone, I wish we still had this. I know a woman who lives near Marcus bought it. I may have to search for her. He enjoyed doing pieces like this — finding new purpose for things that might have rusted away in a corner. And, so, when I found out that the topic for this week’s photo was unique, my mind instantly landed here. I enjoy its balance and his clever use of functional farm tools as art. It is a pure lesson in looking at the stuff of our everyday lives with new eyes.

4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unique

  1. My fingers are crossed that you able to secure your fathers work! In the meantime, you have some beautiful memories.

    The first year in my village, a dear neighbour presented me with a Croix de Cathar (Cathar Cross) which he made for me. He is 92 years young and so very sweet. I shall always treasure it and it holds pride of place over my door. Like Armand, a real treasure.

    Thanks for sharing that lovely piece.


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