Little piles of stuff

books imageI’m posting for the first time from my Android. If you’re reading this, I was successful.

My “About me” page describes this site as a corner of the universe to pile up my writing and photographs. Funny, this is exactly what I do in real life.

Here, next to the sofa, is a pile of notebooks, sketchbooks and photos. Across the room is a small pile of (unread and overdue) library books. Upstairs, in the computer room, are more piles of photos, sort of sorted. And unfinished knitting projects, a pile of revised poems, old and new.

By putting everything in small piles, it looks like there is some semblance of order, some plan for their use, a reason for being. In reality, they serve the same purpose as this blog: random pieces of myself for others to turn over and leaf through, if they wish. A trail.

Here, like everywhere, so many of us leaving so many trails. A universe of little piles.

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