Weekly photo challenge: Lunchtime

My mom with Nancy and me at a picnic at my grandma's.
My mom with Nancy and me at a picnic at my grandma’s.


I was too young to remember this day, but here are some sensory images of being three years old at my grandmother’s house in the country:

The pull and pinch of the clips in my braids.

The metallic taste of Kool-aid in the bright, tin cups.

The smell of Ambush and Aqua Velva.

Peeling off the skins of burnt hot dogs.

The heat of the sun, the sound of the wind.

The clematis that climbed the shed.

The swing with the longest rope in the world.

Looking at the photo’s date, I realize that my mother was just 30 years old, and has given birth to six children, with two more to come.


4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Lunchtime

  1. You always bring back memories. In this case you give the gift of an event I didn’t experience because I had gone off to college by that time. A wonder example of what would be called street photography today.


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