Weekly photo challenge: Culture

This link will take you to a photo essay done by the New York Times a few years ago that features the voices of Marcus residents explaining this little town phenomenon that takes place every August in northwestern Iowa.


I’m not sure if it fits the category of “culture,” but it does describe the life I grew up knowing, and I do believe it is a landscape that is slowly — and sadly — disappearing. Below, are my own images from past fairs. I probably won’t make it back this summer, but not because I don’t want to be there.

Thank you to the volunteers who work so hard to make it happen every year.



7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Culture

  1. Definitely a culture! I grew up in a small town where the 4th of July was a huge event. Parades, fireworks, bbq’s everywhere – it was great fun. My brother still lives there and they’re still doing it and his kids love it. Nice that some traditions carry forward.


  2. Julie, there are still several small towns dotting the country. Growing up a city-kid, I thought they existed in movies. Several years ago, I found some of my father’s relatives living in such a town in Kansas and visited them there. It was culture shock for me but I survived and met a lot of wonderful relatives. I made several trips there before moving to France. According to my father’s cousins, Clay Center remains alive and well. 🙂


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