Post No. 250: Into the void

This is a photo of my bedroom window long ago, where I scratched words in spiral-bound notebooks, and dreamed and read. The house was torn down not long after this photo was taken.
This is a photo of my bedroom window long ago, where I scratched words in spiral-bound notebooks, and dreamed and read. The house was torn down not long after this photo was taken.

This is the 250th time I have posted to this blog.

I guess that’s some sort of milestone for me — or millstone.

Why do we do it?

Why do hundreds of thousands of us (make that millions!) spill words across this vast white expanse?

Filling time. Wasting time. Making time. Keeping time.

Why do I do it?

To hold on to some part of myself that gets used up in the daily assignments of writing and editing and proofing.

I am lucky to be doing work I enjoy. But in a perfect world I would be paid extravagant amounts to read novels, and I’d quickly accrue medical benefits and an amazing retirement plan simply by writing poems.

So, tell me. Why do you write?

What brought you to blogging? And has it lived up to your expectations?

Is it enough to get a few likes for each post on your site — or do you find satisfaction simply in posting your words and photos? Is it solely for your soul?

Let’s see if #250 earns any responses from those who stop here for a minute or two.

On to 300!


26 thoughts on “Post No. 250: Into the void

  1. To be honest with you, I started doing it for the sole purpose of attracting visitors to my blog, then slowly build a client list so they would buy my services. I haven’t done this for long, maybe 4 weeks or so. On the other hand, I actually started paying attention to some of the messages posted here…they seem to come from “real” people, which makes them interesting. I figured from 65 million bloggers posting on WordPress, I could find some interesting stuff to read. It’s been an interesting experience so far. Cheers!


  2. Your perfect world of getting paid extravagant sums to read sounds good to me. Where do I sign up?

    I began blogging in part to share adventures with friends and family. My ma gets worried when I travel for long periods of time in distant, sketchy countries, so a fairly regular update of my doings keeps her fears of kidnappings in check. Mike’s photos also warrant sharing. Most get posted to Facebook, of course, but so many of them need stories to supplement them and give them significance. I don’t want them to get lost in the sheer volume posted on Facebook.

    I also write my blog just for myself. I forget things too easily sometimes. My blog is the equivalent of the photo albums my mom keeps, except it’s even more complete with words as well. Sometimes during my boring day-to-day life I need to remind myself that I sometimes lead an extraordinary life as well. I can reminisce about the past and cook-up new adventures for the future.

    I like it best when I get feedback and comments from others, so maybe I should do more to promote my blog in wider circles, but even when nobody replies to my posts, I do not feel like blogging is a waste of time. Maybe someday I’ll turn my adventures into a book, but for now the low-pressure informality of my blog suits my needs.

    I hope yours meets your needs as well!


    1. Well, I can promote your beautiful blog right now. If you’re looking for an amazing photo/travel blog, check out It’s absolutely stunning and the stories are fresh and fun. In a different world, where I am much more active and don’t burn or bruise easily, I would want to do what she does. I’ve often told her mother that she lives the life that I can only read about. You are creating an online book of your experiences and that is wonderful!


  3. Congratulations on the milestone. Yesterday was my two months ‘mile marker.’ I’m only up to 116 posts, but having a blast. I blog for the joy it brings to me as it stirs my memories and heightens my perception of little episodes of life around me. Also, knowing that my descendants, some of whom I’ll never see, may be able read my work and feel connection with me in years to come is personally satisfying. Happy blogging…


    1. Thanks for responding! I like the idea that you are writing for the future. So far, three responses and three different reasons for blogging. I’m sure there are millions of reasons. Good luck to you, too!


  4. Congratulations Julia! I am nowhere near 250 posts on either of my blogs.

    Why do I write? That is like asking why I breath. I have to. Sharing it on a post, perhaps, is a trail of crumbs at times and a way of sharing. For me the biggest reward is when someone shares from the place (poetry) I have written about. Whether it is joy or pain, it is shared. As for the other blog, it is an ongoing love letter to the land I love and that accepts me.


  5. First: congratulations!
    I write because that’s what I do. That’s what I am.
    I blog because it is disciple, my warm-up exercise.
    I draw a line between how much “blogging” I do and how much writing. Writing first.
    We all need to figure out if we are blogging for the social networking or blogging as part of our writing/artistic routine.
    Get sidetracked by the blogging and you won’t get your writing done.
    Bottomline: I am a writer. I do blogging. In other words, writing is a profession and blogging is a hobby.


    1. You are the most prolific blogger — daily. You have developed the skill that, above all, every writer needs. And that is persistence — to get your butt in the chair and work. I admire that.


    1. So true. When you think you just won’t do this anymore, you’ll do something else, that’s when you realize that you must write — or else. Thank you for visiting.


  6. It started as a travelogue, something to refer to in the future, without having to look everywhere for that handwritten journal. Then I just wanted to explore a side that had been neglected, passed by. I do it mainly for my self development and for fun but it has also been enjoyable making new acquaintances. OK I like the likes too!


  7. Great post and congratulations on your 250th! I liked this very much and liked hearing your thoughts. So, why write? I have to, I am a writer, I have been all my life but only recently come in to a position of believing in myself enough to do so. I wanted to write ever since I was read fairytales about princesses and goblins, since my mum read me hansel and gretel, my dad read me the chronicles of prydain (and he’d do all the voices!) and my grandmother read me tales of Narnia. I wrote and I wrote but never believed enough in myself. When i was leaving school, I was told by the career guidance councilor that it was a foolish dream to be a writer, that I might have a chance at journalism, and that kicked me in the nuts, I went out to work and let the dream become a shadow. A while back, about eight years ago, my dad entered a poem of mine in to a competition and it got published in the national anthology. I was inspired to pick up the pen again and began a huge campaign to be the poet I always wanted to be, blessedly having some success with publication in twenty five anthologies and a small press magazine. Then, about three years ago, I decided to revisit my love of writing fantasy fiction, i had been building my own mythological world since childhood on and off over the years. I really got my teeth in to it and finally got a lot of the amazing mythology in my head on to paper (as I hope you’ll see by looking at the fantasy section of my blog). I am still thoroughly enjoying my fantasy, it was my childhood dream to be a writer of such and I have now finished my first novel and submitted it to agents and a publisher (fingers crossed). I began this blog out of curiosity as i heard so much about blogging in the writing magazines I had been reading, I quickly realised that it is a great way to be creative and share my poetry and fiction with an audience of like minded individuals. I have been truly blessed to discover that so many writers out there are genuinely nice people and have made some wonderful new friends online through wordpress. I love how kind, considerate and supportive the community is here and I am honoured to be a part of it, I hope to be as positive about other’s contributions as they are of my own. Thanks for this, I love it. Very best wishes and kind regards from Baldy 🙂


  8. I really feel that I write because it’s part of me. I started my blog to clear my mind out of some of the things from my past that were weighing me down. I thought that if i wrote them down, I could let them go.. and guess what?? it worked. I feel like I’ve come such a long way in that time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. and congratulations on 250 🙂


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