Weekly photo challenge: Signs

Weekly photo challenge: Signs

A sign in the Boston Museum of Art that spoke to me.

And it made me think of this poem. The title refers to a story told at a poetry workshop — about, well, taking the plunge and jumping naked off a barge.

Naked Barge Jumping

Let’s make it mid-July
by a shimmering poem
without mosquitoes.
We leap open-mouthed
from a rickety barge
into cool cedar odes.
Our cleansed forms
rise to metaphor
as assonance resounds
through hidden verse.
Let’s jump off again
and again and again,
with just as much fear
and joy as the first rhyme.

Published in The Rhode Island Writers Circle Anthology, 2008


7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Signs

    1. For me? It just means to step back and see the word (or the world) differently. To pay attention to the space, the break –that breath, that pause, the unspoken. Or maybe. Not.


  1. Naked Barge Jumping! Your joy shimmers in the water –and writing. I’m loving your voice. Your landscapes and waterscapes, your splash and quiet depths…..ah. In this poem I love how the last line circles back to the first….
    Mary Ann Mayer , another Ocean State Poet


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