Windmill that was torn down
Windmill that was torn down



The windmill

in the south pasture

marked the corner

to turn north

for the farm place.

Deep breaths

of wind made

wide paddles whir,

scaffold tremble,

metal scream

against metal

as it roused

unstirred darkness.

As it leaned

against nothing.

Today, eyes sweep flat-line horizon. Nothing stands to shout: Turn here!

Not even a severed skeleton defies baked blue sky. So you drive on.


— Sojourn, Fall/Winter 2008

4 thoughts on “Landmark

  1. This photo and the poem take me to deep memories. I love the way you structured the lines. Thanks for your gift.

  2. I have always been drawn to windmills. Here in Europe there are still many, very old windmills and some are still in use. There is an amazing Windmill Museum in Holland which I was fortunate enough to visit a few years ago.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photo and poem. 🙂

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