Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting

Four sisters: me, Jean, Nancy and Mary


The stones, the blinding light of late-afternoon sun in summer, deep shade, a Sunday, surely a Sunday.

The dresses, the pin-curled hair, pigtails, the distant sound of bird song, a voice calling for someone, footsteps on gravel.

Three more brothers in the years to come. But, on this day, four sisters and a gravestone for one son.

The loss, still raw. The house, still quiet.

On another summer day faraway, their mother will tell one daughter that the boy would peek over her crib to make her laugh. She will say it was his favorite thing to do.

It will be the first thing she will ever say to the daughter about her brother.

It will be the last thing, too.

10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting

  1. Strange how so much is spoken of in a few words. Eddie’s death stayed with me for many years. It is one of the markers that I look for when I return to other places, other times.


  2. Oh Julia, that really had impact. I do love old photos as each has its stories. However, your story grabbed me quite hard. Yes, years ago, I buried a daughter and that loss impacted each of us in our own way.


  3. So sad. The Navaho people say that their stories will last until no longer moist with the breath of the storyteller. It is that way with people–we need to tell their stories to keep their memories alive. Thank you so much for this powerful reminder.


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