Honeymoon in Vegas

Bill and I -- long ago and far away
Bill and I — long ago and far away

I posted this two years ago when I had very little traffic on this site. I thought I’d post it again because it makes me smile.

This is more or less a true story. I won a honeymoon in Vegas some 34 years ago — and I still remember how excited I was. (Especially since our honeymoon would simply have been driving a Ford pickup from Iowa to New Jersey without it.)

However, little did I know that stepping out on a Vegas sidewalk during the day in July is like baking human cupcakes (right — dry heat). This month Bill and I mark 34 years. And we’re still trying to get it right.

Honeymoon in Vegas

It is 2 a.m. in a July oven in 1979.
Bill and I take the elevator down
to the Stardust’s casino floor.

We are 22, fresh out of college,
in debt, in love and married for one day.
Next week, our life begins in New Jersey.

I have won a honeymoon package
at a bridal expo in a Holiday Inn
in Des Moines – three days in Vegas.

Our special deal includes free $10 rolls
of nickels every hour on the hour
for three days. We vow to collect them all.

We turn in tickets for free late-night
buffets: fried chicken, prime rib, baked
potatoes, salad, strawberry shortcake.

Then we take complimentary drinks
into a bar to listen to free lounge acts.
We walk the Strip. Collect nickels all night.

Hot-drunk lights, pulsing people,
front-row seat at Caesar’s fountains.
And more nickels than we’ll ever have again.

6 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Vegas

  1. Dry heat IS better than humidity, but at 110 degrees, it’s still HOT! Vegas in the late ’70s . . . I bet the changes are astounding. Have you been back? Though I consider myself much more an outdoorsy girl than a city girl, I love visiting Vegas. 🙂

  2. That was very sweet Julia. Thanks for sharing it.

    It is very different there now. Having two sons who live there, I made the trip for the older sons wedding three years ago. It is not my kind of place but it is where they have made a life. Yet actually, both are interviewing for jobs back in California so our fingers are crossed!

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