Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow


The man in the photo is my father-in-law, Bill Simpson, and he is sitting in an Army-issued tent during the Korean War in the early 1950s. He will soon marry the woman he left behind in the States, whose photo is tacked to the wall behind him. They will be married for more than 40 years, have four children, move from Philadelphia to New Jersey, spoil their grandchildren — and, too soon, he will leave her behind again.

We celebrated the 80th birthday of the woman in the photo, Joan Hopkins Simpson, at a large party of family and friends in Delaware in July. Joan planned the party herself to make sure it was just what she wanted. She has always tried to find the best in everyone and every situation — and I hope she knows she is an inspiration to many and a great storyteller.

Joan cut


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

  1. Lovely! She still has that smile and was that a twinkle in those eyes? It sure looked like it to me. Julia, what a loving tribute. How fortunate you all are and were to have each other.
    So often, I’ve seen in-laws as waring factions.
    Here in France, in-laws are known as belle: belle mère (mother-in-law) belle père (father-in-law), belle soeur (sister-in-law) and so on… They are absolutely taken in as one of their own.


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