Today the government turned off the faucet. Shut itself down. Pulled the plug.

It’s amazing how supposedly intelligent people think nothing of playing games with other people’s lives and livelihoods. How they can focus so hard on one goal – to rip the Affordable Care Act apart – that they forget what happens after they finish reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Basic health care — like public education — should be a right for all. If everyone has the right to own a gun, access to affordable health care and insurance should be considered just as important.

But some congressmen don’t want universal health care. They say it is a bad idea — that it will be expensive and put our country in debt forever. That we have no right to force people to purchase health care insurance. But we can require auto insurance. Strange.

Surprisingly, millions of people are going online today to learn about this new form of health care and health insurance. They are thinking of their children and themselves. They are looking for ways to take care of their families — instead of relying on ER care. They must think it is a good idea.

But these politicians say they speak for all the people. Instead they listen only to those who speak their language, who agree with them. I understand there are fears about this new program. I know this legislation is far from perfect. But I think the main fear is this: that it might work after all.

I wonder what Franklin Delano Roosevelt would say about all this. If only he could have gotten a health care program in with the New Deal. It would be so different now.

Maybe, instead of health care, we would be fighting about something else that never made it through Congress. Imagine, if the course of history had been different. Maybe we would be fighting over whether our senior citizens should be living on the streets, whether they deserve a monetary subsidy that gives them some dignity, some security.

It’s not so hard to imagine after what we have seen. It could still be our future.

It’s nice to think that we can all stand on our own — to be independent and strong. But as you get older, you realize how much we need each other. How only the richest among us can do it all by themselves. They are islands — yes, and they own islands. Good for them.

I’m not expecting to change any minds — just to unload my own. I am confused by those who call themselves the Christian Right, but close their eyes and step over the weakest and poorest and smallest. And I’m confused by Tea Party Conservatives, who sought to have their voices heard but now listen to no one else. By the Far Left, too, who pick and choose their battles in such narrow worlds.

“That you do to the least of my brothers — that you do unto me.”

Remember this hymn? Someone still hums the tune.

And it’s getting louder

And louder.





5 thoughts on “Today the government turned off the faucet. Shut itself down. Pulled the plug.

  1. How about greed? Unconscionable and morally bankrupt for starters! You want healthcare, how about getting the rich to pay their fare share. Most pay zero in taxes.

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