A contest for all the bloggers out there

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and I know there a lot of wonderful people writing and posting photos and loving it. Here’s a contest just for you. I took this right from the postings that come to my email box daily. So, it you have questions, contact the website.
Eccentric Chai needs entries for its first Blog contest. It is free and for fun, but also a great opportunity to get your blog some recognition!

Entry Period: Open until January 31st (the winner will be announced on February 3rd)

To enter, send an email (no attachments please) to eccentricchai@outlook.com and answer the following questions:

Why did you create your blog?
What do you talk about on your blog?
What does your blog offer your readers?
What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

After you answer the questions, tell Eccentric Chai about one of your most popular articles and send the link.

Rules and Guidelines:
Your blog does NOT have to be a WordPress blog, however it does have to be a blog
Your blog can be about anything, whether it’s a cooking blog, a photography blog, or a Stephen King fan blog
Your blog can only have one author, and it has to, be you (guest posts are fine, but this has to be your blog)
Your email MUST contain both the answers to the questions and the link to one of your most popular articles
Your blog has to be at least a month old.
You may only enter ONE blog into the contest (for those of you who have multiple blogs)

Blogs will be judged by the following:
Writing (unless there is none)
Content/Subject matter

Send your entry to eccentricchai@outlook.com

Please use BLOG CONTEST as the subject line of your email.

The winner will be announced on Monday, February 3rd and the blog will get its own review on Eccentric Chai complete with an author bio. The winner will also be posted on Eccentric Chai’s Previous Contest Winners page with links to his/her blog. ecce

For more information, go to http://www.eccentricchai.com


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