A night of poetry and art

Last night was the 2nd annual Poetry and Art event at the Wickford Art Association. Months earlier poets were asked to write a poem that related to one of the 40 pieces of art and sculpture created by art association members. Those poems selected were printed and hung next to the artwork.

I had selected a piece of art of old benches because I liked the technique and the colors. It also reminded me of the work of Andrew Wyeth. The artist turned out to be one of the poets I knew, so it was a wonderful surprise. I loved going around the room and reading all the poems and relating them to the artwork. There were some wonderful pieces.

The night was beautiful — the building is near the Wickford Harbor. I’ve posted the poem and the painting here with other photos of the night. It’s a great idea for other art associations to try.

5 thoughts on “A night of poetry and art

  1. A marvelous concept, a marvelous poem. I’ve become a artist member of the Huntington Beach Art Center and will pass the possibilities of this program on to the director. Is there any way you could send a full shot of the art work to me. I can see a it in the background but would love to see a closer in. Love the slant lines of the benches with the arrow of light shooting in between them. Please send my compliments to the artist. Is there a site I can go to to see more of the works. You are such an inspiration to me. Write on.


    • I’ll go back and get a better photo of the piece. The place was packed with poets and artists on Friday. Actually, I bought it, but I can’t pick it up until mid-August when the show closes. I have some information at work about the event, and I’ll send that to you. It’s a great opportunity to get other types of creative people into local art museums. It’s also a great way to bridge the gap between image and word people.


  2. It looks like some of the Meylor family have great talent. Wonderful!
    Vermeer attracted me because in 1968 or so I visited a family the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. In this house I noted that there was a painting on the wall. The lady of the house had married a American during the war in Europe, they told it was a Vermeer. Even though they lived in an ever so humble houseThey could enjoy art.


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