Post #1 for NaPoMo


I’ll meet you there

I promised.

And then I never showed up.

I sat on the sofa in my living room

with a blanket drawn up over my head.

I promised.

But the words lost their way.

They are opening cupboards in the kitchen

to find the chocolate hidden there.

I promised.

But desire is sitting out on the deck.

She’s searching for stars and a night wind

to stir the embers left behind.


First poem post for National Poetry Month challenge. More time and effort in posts to come. Just wanted to get some peanut butter spread on this first slice of bread.


4 thoughts on “Post #1 for NaPoMo

  1. Thank you, Julia. Finely wrought! “The words “star” and “desire” share a common root, as in “desiderata”.
    Beyond that, the poem stirs me, and challenges me, to know when to go beyond words…..
    Mary Ann

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