Getting started


And so we begin again.
Finding our way into a new year,
looking for tracks left behind from the last.

These first days feel unshaped,
vague, ghost-like, without definition.
As if they, too, are undecided where they’re going.


6 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Lovely New Year poem Julie. My daughter told me this time of year seems ‘liminal’ & that threshold experience is so beautifully imbued in your poem. Lauri Burke


    • Hi Lauri! Thank you for your words. Liminal is perfect. Hope all is well — funny, I was just on the Origami Poetry site about an hour ago and saw that you were creating designs for poetry booklet covers. Strange how the universe opens little doors. Hope to see you at a poetry reading sometime soon!


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  3. And so the new year offers another opportunity to regroup, reconsider, and let go. I’ve chosen to be open to Kim Manley Ort’s “Adventures in Seeing” course which will take 45 weeks to complete. The first topic to explore is “open.” Thoughts and images into my journal and on Instagram. Strangely, I been taken by the opposite condition: “closed.” So many tracks there appearing like ghosts. Right on. Live in the layers.


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