February in Arizona


I visited Arizona with friends last week. We stayed with my friend’s daughter and her boyfriend in Phoenix, and they took us to explore northern Arizona. The scenery changed often and we saw many beautiful places as you can see (above). We attended an Oscar party and went to the botanical garden in Phoenix. We stopped on a dark road and looked up at a sea of stars. We ate excellent Mexican food and drank potent margueritas. We went off-road in Utah and drove across terrain that looked like the surface of the moon. We followed the GPS on a gravel road on a reservation to a big crack in the earth where water roared through rapids that kicked up spray to where we stood above. I slept in a bedroom where the floor was covered with pennies glued to the floor.I thank my friends, Karen and Tom, for letting me tag along and I thank Jackie and Mike for taking the time to share their incredibly beautiful state.

I am determined to do something I’ve never done before every month of this 60th birthday year.

In January, I took part in the Women’s March on Washington. I’d never done anyththing like that before, and it was the largest march ever.

In February, I went to Arizona and stepped into Utah — two states I’ve never visited.

I’m still not sure what I’ll do in March. I’ll let you know.














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