So far, so great!

My goal for 2017 is to have big and small adventures — something I’ve never done before — every month. Here’s the tally of how I’ve done so far.

January: First time ever — Walked (and stood still a lot) in the Women’s March on Washington D.C. — took part in the largest protest EVER on the face of the earth! It was incredible!!


February: First trip to Arizona with Karen and Tom, first Airbnb, first time inside a slot canyon, first Academy Awards party. it was all FUN and beautiful! Will return!


March: Surprise adventure with my sister Nancy, who visited from Iowa — watched ISU (lose) at NCAA women’s tournament at UCONN and spent a cold and wet St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston.

IMG_0176 IMG_0183

April: Took an intense four-week poetry class and wrote first drafts for 15 new poems through the FINE ARTS WORK CENTER in Provincetown.


May: Sold my old bike, bought a new bike and rode on the bike path on the West Bay through Coventry and West Warwick for the first time. Then rode on the Airline Trail in East Hampton and Colchester, CT. So glad to be back on a bike!

new bike IMG_0286

I also had some memorable adventures in 2016 — including an unforgettable trip to Napa Valley in November with Sharon Haselhoff and her two friends. We went up in a balloon over Napa, had private tours of wineries, drove through giant redwoods, relaxed with a mineral bath and massage in Calastoga and stayed at the posh Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Wonderful and relaxing!

img_1968 IMG_9254 IMG_9161

Ready for more adventures in 2017!



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