Cleaning out the extra closet

closet clipart New Fashion Closet Clipart 16 Clip Art Cliparty 5f Door Overflowing

Four pair of heels in four colors.
Never-worn spangly dress.
High school yearbooks from 1994 to 2006.
Small cardboard box filled with baby teeth wadded in tissue.
Red high school French Club sweatshirt.
Forum magazines from 1995.
Ticket stub to Crosby, Stills and Nash concert in Providence.
Macramé handbag with 49 cents and dried-up gummy bears.
Christmas gift boxes of never-worn, too-big underwear.
Dad’s U.S. Navy sailor uniform from 1945.
Framed news article from a daily newspaper in New Jersey.
Wedding gown bought in downtown Des Moines.
Plastic bin of report cards and projects.
Bathing suit cover-up worn once in Key West.
Plastic bags from the old Anne & Hope on Route 6.
Bent wire hangers from dry cleaners that opened in the closed Friendly’s on Pawtucket Ave.
Random photos of high school girls in prom dresses.
A box of frozen-faced porcelain dolls, soccer trophies and a signed team baseball.
Grandma’s cotton tablecloth printed with cherries.
A button, glitter, dust, hair.
One lone white sock.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning out the extra closet

  1. This inspires never to look at my stuff: Girl Scout badges, my first piggy bank, my string bikini from the honeymoon, artisan leather belts, now too small, potpourri from 1994.


  2. Love it! Just listing the leftovers from our lives lets you travel back in time to learn how it shaped you. Funny, I had a string bikini — a blue one — on my honeymoon too. I think that’s the only time I wore it!


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