A night of poetry and art

Last night was the 2nd annual Poetry and Art event at the Wickford Art Association. Months earlier poets were asked to write a poem that related to one of the 40 pieces of art and sculpture created by art association members. Those poems selected were printed and hung next to the artwork.

I had selected a piece of art of old benches because I liked the technique and the colors. It also reminded me of the work of Andrew Wyeth. The artist turned out to be one of the poets I knew, so it was a wonderful surprise. I loved going around the room and reading all the poems and relating them to the artwork. There were some wonderful pieces.

The night was beautiful — the building is near the Wickford Harbor. I’ve posted the poem and the painting here with other photos of the night. It’s a great idea for other art associations to try.

A look at Maine

I visited Maine on a quick overnight trip for work this past week. There wasn’t much blue sky while there, but we had a chance to visit the Olson farm, where Andrew Wyeth painted some of his most famous works, including “Christina’s World.” The imposing farmhouse still stands and Wyeth is buried there. Of course, we also enjoyed a lobster dinner while watching a lightning storm rip through the sky all around us. Here are some memories of the trip.

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