Weekly photo challenge: Between

IMG_6059reception dancing


Photographer’s attempt at something different. I’m trying to remember what he used — they told me but I can’t remember. Anyway, my daughter, Emily, and her new hubby, Nathan, are obviously the “between” in this photo. 🙂

Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected

IMG_2917We tried several Southern specialties when we were in Charleston — waffles and chicken, a lowcountry boil, raw oysters and locally brewed beer. We also were snookered into trying these nitrotinis. The liquid nitrogen makes the drink look cool for all of 60 seconds — about the same amount of time it takes to realize you could have had two martinis for the price of one nitrotini. At least we enjoyed talking to the bartender, who was from Mass., and had tickets to the next Pats game against Carolina. Cheers!

Weekly photo challenge: Movement

The Angel Oak Tree outside of Charleston, South Carolina

A photo doesn’t do this tree justice. Its limbs crawl along the ground, are held in place by poles and ropes, wrap around themselves like giant fingers. It is the original tree of life. Its movement and growth is marked by centuries, wars, hurricanes, earthquakes and, most recently, a court fight against the building of apartments nearby. I think the oak tree won for now.

They call the Angel Oak the oldest living organism east of the Mississippi River. The poster nailed up to the back wall of the one-room tourist shop noted that experts estimate the tree to be 300 to 400 years old; it stands 65 feet tall, measures 28 ft in circumference and shades an area of 17,000 square feet. Its longest limb, which rests on the ground, is 105 feet in length.

Since I’m not a numbers person, these measurements don’t mean all that much to me. What I do know is that I was honored to meet this beautiful and grand old lady.