Weekly photo challenge: Shine (through leaves and trees)


The “shiny” negative space in this photo imitates the  leaves. That’s why I love this one.

This photo wasn’t from this fall. We had a dry summer and it seemed that the leaves were dull and boring compared to other years. I did enjoy one beautiful weekend in Connecticut with a group of friends from my hometown. We stayed at my daughter’s home for a long weekend, and the weather was perfect. We visited wineries and Newport and the beach and the casino and an apple festival. The leaves in CT were at their peak and surprised us all along Rte. 2 south of Hartford. We had a wonderful time, but it was over before I knew it. And I don’t think I thanked them enough for coming.

Weekly photo challenge: An unusual POV

Our trees haven’t turned yet, so these photos were taken last year in October. I am hoping our fall will be as beautiful and vibrant as last year’s. Not that unusual, but interesting, I think. For one, I stood next to the tree and shot straight up, and I took photos of the turning leaves on the surface of a small pond in the other.

Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

The watery reflection of a fall day seems a bit surreal, a bit foreign, especially tonight with Hurricane Sandy gearing up to strip every last reminder of fall from the trees. By Wednesday morning, bare branches will be the norm, if not downed trees.