Weekly photo challenge: from lines to patterns


Interesting lines from Provincetown, MA, to Charleston, SC


Weekly photo challenge: Indulge

The array at the cheese counter at Venda Ravioli on Federal Hill, Providence, RI

Visiting Federal Hill in Providence is always a feast for the senses. Just walking down the aisles of the Italian grocery stores and checking out the restaurant menus tacked up on the sidewalks is a mouth-watering treat. Federal Hill also has a smattering of art galleries and boutiques, which are fun to check out on Gallery Night (the third Thursday of each month). Indulge!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

Open the door of  Vendi Ravioli on Federal Hill in Providence, and you are greeted with the sights and smells of cases and cases of cheeses and beans and olives and homemade pastas and deli meats and espresso and prepared Italian specialties. Stand in line with your number and just try to figure out what you want — and always be amazed by how gooey and cheesy and delicious your choice is … only to be disappointed that you didn’t break out of your comfortable tastebud zone to try something dangerously pungent and spicy. This is abundance!