Weekly photo challenge: Shine (through leaves and trees)


The “shiny” negative space in this photo imitates the  leaves. That’s why I love this one.

This photo wasn’t from this fall. We had a dry summer and it seemed that the leaves were dull and boring compared to other years. I did enjoy one beautiful weekend in Connecticut with a group of friends from my hometown. We stayed at my daughter’s home for a long weekend, and the weather was perfect. We visited wineries and Newport and the beach and the casino and an apple festival. The leaves in CT were at their peak and surprised us all along Rte. 2 south of Hartford. We had a wonderful time, but it was over before I knew it. And I don’t think I thanked them enough for coming.

For Young Friends Who Live in Darkness

I just found this in a folder on my computer. It’s a simple thing I wrote a good ten years ago for a student who came to my room during lunch everyday. It was a safe and quiet place, and he sat in the back of the room and read. I rarely said anything to him. There were a few students like that over the years. I wasn’t sure if I should have done more, but a safe and quiet place seemed like a good thing back then. Still does. I hope they are well.

“It was foolish and arrogant … to think you could imagine the truth of another human life, to penetrate its deepest secrets…”

 – Richard Russo

For Young Friends

Who Live in Darkness

I do not pretend

to understand how night

holds you under

or where you go

when a riff of chords

pulls you down

or what happens

to a heart

that beats for nothing

or how it feels

when panic grabs your throat.

But I do know some things,

things we all learn

elsewhere, nowhere.

Pain, fear, humiliation, emptiness.

These are things I know, too.

I do not pretend

to understand your darkness.

But I will stay right here

as shadows lengthen

on empty streets

and listen

for the beat of your heart.