In search of balance

How to make sense of this mixed bag of a life we lead?

When I read blogs or essays by people from the gun lobby or the Tea Party, to try to see the world from their perspective, I wonder why they see red and I see green. How does experience take us to such different places? What colors our experiences in such different ways?

How does something like the Newtown school shootings cause one person to run to Cabella’s to buy a gun and another to support laws to ban automatic weapons.

I read a 10,000-word essay a few days ago that worked very hard to support the arming of America, to explain how loaded guns equal safety, and to justify why teachers should be trained to shoot intruders. Very reasoned. Very logical. Very convincing.

I just don’t want to live in the world the writer is painting.

And he would say I already do.

I have no answers. But I don’t trust the voices that so loudly assert they do. It’s hard to find balance in all things when these voices at either end are so determined to be right.

I’ve never held extreme views on anything — but I say that from my own biased perspective.

After all, even voting seems to be an extreme act nowadays.


My mood, my beliefs, my views on life remain as gray as this day.

Or maybe just open-minded.

It’s all in how you look at it.