Weekly photo challenge: Masterpiece

Here are some highlights from my visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I love museums that allow you to take photos of the paintings. I like to take close-ups of favorite parts of the paintings and the sculptures. The problem is that I don’t always remember the name of the artwork or the artist. Enjoy!

Weekly photo challenge: Signs


Weekly photo challenge: Signs

A sign in the Boston Museum of Art that spoke to me.

And it made me think of this poem. The title refers to a story told at a poetry workshop — about, well, taking the plunge and jumping naked off a barge.

Naked Barge Jumping

Let’s make it mid-July
by a shimmering poem
without mosquitoes.
We leap open-mouthed
from a rickety barge
into cool cedar odes.
Our cleansed forms
rise to metaphor
as assonance resounds
through hidden verse.
Let’s jump off again
and again and again,
with just as much fear
and joy as the first rhyme.

Published in The Rhode Island Writers Circle Anthology, 2008

Weekly photo challenge: Path

A path through the dunes at Horseneck


Another summer ticks away.

When I taught high school, this was a pivotal weekend. If it was nice, I made sure to visit the beach and take a bicycle ride on the East Bay bike path.

A couple of times Bill, Emily and I drove down to Barrington Beach on Labor Day evening to watch the fisherman catching bluefish off the beach. If we were lucky, we could see the blues jump out of the water as they chased schools of tiny fish racing ahead of them. It was quite a ravenous food chain as the sun went down.

Five years ago, I left teaching after being in the classroom for 12 years. Now, summer drifts into fall, freezes into winter, continues to freeze into spring and finally drips into summer again. The years fly by without any markers, like watching freshmen morph into seniors over and over or prom or the dreaded Spirit Week.

I remember that this is a path I chose. And I like it. Now I go to Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts in September or May — and enjoy the beach when it isn’t piled high with humans.

Happy Labor Day weekend! To all the teachers out there — enjoy your school year and the amazing kids you’ll meet this year!