Weekly photo challenge: Hope

A hopeful phrase found when walking through the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan

Interesting choice this week. Of faith, hope and charity, I like HOPE the best.

There are lots of streets named Hope in Rhode Island and one town. I like that, too.

Emily laughed when I took this photo in the Museum of Natural History, but it seemed like a very hopeful phrase, “One is born,”

One can be born and reborn many times. I have to admit that I’m not thrilled about the born again though.

Especially when they make me feel uncomfortable if I don’t get “born again” myself. I want them to leave me alone. I’m done with all that.

And just because I’m not born again doesn’t mean I’m not hopeful.

Far from it — I’m hopeful that someday we will let everyone be who they want to be. Find strengths in their own beliefs.

And we’ll be okay.