Death of the Heart

Smash a thousand ruby hearts
just picked on a Sunday morning in June.

Add sugar and pectin and a drop of vanilla.
Boil violently. Yes, violently.

Pour into crystal clear jars.
Screw on lids. Not too tightly.

If you followed all the rules,
you’ll hear the jars seal shut.

A little sucking in.
A sharp inhale.

Then stack the dead hearts
on a dark pantry shelf.

Or, give them all away.
Yes, it’s better to get rid of them.

Before you can’t
stand to part with them.

Weekly photo challenge: Quest


Yesterday was a beautiful day for a walk on the beach. I took a bag with me and went in search of white stones tumbled by the Atlantic. The stones on this beach are especially smooth and large. Each time I bent over to pick up a rock, I thought that this one was the whitest I had found. These are just some of my collection.

Weekly photo challenge: Summer lovin’

I was in Wickford the other night, so I visited the giant lotus pond on Rte. 1 again. We found the lotus three years ago after Mallory and Seth’s wedding, and I’ve visited the past three summers. It seems other-worldly to me every time I go, and it’s something I love to do. The leaves are large platters and the lotus are like porcelain.

A night of poetry and art

Last night was the 2nd annual Poetry and Art event at the Wickford Art Association. Months earlier poets were asked to write a poem that related to one of the 40 pieces of art and sculpture created by art association members. Those poems selected were printed and hung next to the artwork.

I had selected a piece of art of old benches because I liked the technique and the colors. It also reminded me of the work of Andrew Wyeth. The artist turned out to be one of the poets I knew, so it was a wonderful surprise. I loved going around the room and reading all the poems and relating them to the artwork. There were some wonderful pieces.

The night was beautiful — the building is near the Wickford Harbor. I’ve posted the poem and the painting here with other photos of the night. It’s a great idea for other art associations to try.

Weekly photo challenge: Extra



Extra sky. Extra color. Extra lights on the buildings in the Providence skyline. I don’t seem to notice the sky as much out here, unless I’m at the ocean. Last night’s sky was especially beautiful and it took a long time to reach its most saturated point. I was driving, and I worried that the glow would be gone by the time I got to the overlook on the East Bay bike path on Narragansett Bay. But it waited for me.

Weekly photo challenge: Eerie


I found this spot on the tidal pools on Narragansett Bay several years ago. When I first came here, this overlook was rotted and broken, and this past year it was completely redone. I’ve never seen anyone else here in all the times I’ve been here. I like to think it’s mine alone, but someone takes care of it for me.

Once early on a Sunday morning I lay on the decking and looked hard at the sky above. Way high overhead I could see seabirds wheeling and spinning on the waves of air. They were so high up there that they looked like flies. Across the way is the East Bay Bike Path, so I can see people walking and riding their bikes, but they don’t notice me.

It is a secret place, maybe not eerie, but definitely otherworldly. Now that the weather is getting colder, this was probably the last day I will be there in awhile. Thank you to our caretaker.