Sunflower Field


Every summer when I visit Marcus,

the last thing I do is walk in the field of sunflowers

south of town.

It reminds me of my comings and goings

and how life goes on.

The grasshoppers will be jumping,

and the dew will drench my sneakers.

I’ll track mud back to the rented car,

and that little bit of Iowa

will travel across the country

with me.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

An endless field of sunflowers in South Dakota.

On a trip to South Dakota several years ago, we could see this huge field of yellow miles ahead of us. As we got closer, I realized it was acres and acres of sunflowers. I had never seen such a huge expanse of sunflowers before. We stopped to take photos, and it was amazing to see thousands of flowers leaning in the direction of the sun. This image sticks with me years later.